Squarespace Student Discount 2024 — Get 50% OFF

Squarespace is offering a 50% student discount. With that, you can now focus on building your website without the cost burden. 

If you are not eligible for this discount, rest assured you can still benefit from other regular Squarespace deals, like up to 36% off on annual subscriptions and 10% & 20% off coupon codes.

This article will help you discover how to qualify for and apply for this 50% discount, learn about alternatives to student discounts, and take your website to the next level.

Squarespace Student Discount 2024: Key Highlights

  • Squarespace offers a specific 50% discount for students.
  • Register and authenticate your student status with Student Beans to get the student discount.
  • If you are not eligible for the student discount, Squarespace has a regular 20% and 10% discount with coupon codes W5D20 and GIMME10, respectively.
  • With annual payment, save up to 36% on Squarespace’s plans.

What Is Squarespace Student Discount?

Squarespace offers a student discount, providing 50% off on their first year of an annual website plan. 

Squarespace Student Discount
Source: Squarespace 

To qualify for the Squarespace student discount, you must meet specific requirements. Here are the eligibility criteria for the Squarespace student discount:

  1. You must be a full-time student at an eligible college or university.
  2. The college or university must be recognized and listed on the Student Beans website.
  3. Register and authenticate your student status with Student Beans to receive the discount code.
  4. To take advantage of this offer, you must redeem the code provided by Student Beans before the expiration date.

In addition to the eligibility requirements, there are some additional points that you need to be mindful of. These are:

  • This offer is only available for annual plans, not monthly plans.
  • The student discount is 50% off the first year of a yearly plan.
  • The discount is not valid in combination with other offer codes.
  • The discount is only available for new annual plan purchases, not renewals or upgrades.
  • This discount is unavailable to alumni, faculty members, staff members, or high school or elementary school students.

How To Get Student Discounts On Squarespace?

In this guide, let me walk you through the process of verifying your student status and claiming your discount. To take advantage of Squarespace student discount, follow these simple steps:  

Step 1: Click here to visit the Squarespace official login page. Then, click on the “Create Account” option at the top of the page. 

Squarespace Official Login Page
Source: Squarespace 

Step 2: You’ll see two options for creating your account: Continue with Google and Email. By clicking “More Options,” you’ll get two additional options: Continue with Apple and Facebook. You can use any option to create an account. To help you understand, let’s click on Continue with Email.

Create Your Account
Source: Squarespace 

Step 3: You’ll be directed to a “Create your account” page where you must fill out information such as your first name, last name, email address, and password. Then click “Continue.

Enter Your Personal Details & Click Continue
Source: Squarespace 

Squarespace provides a 14-day free trial on every subscription plan. Complete the free trial.

Step 4: Click here to go to the Student Beans official site. Register by providing your email address and password, and then verify your student status

Student Beans Official Site & Click Register
Source: Student Beans

Step 5: Go to the Student Beans Squarespace page to get your single-use offer code

Student Beans Squarespace Page
Source: Student Beans

Step 6: After completing your 14-day Squarespace free trial, click the “Subscribe” option at the bottom of the screen to go to the pricing section. 

Click Subscribe Option
Source: Squarespace 

Step 7: Select your preferred plan by clicking “Get Started.” 

Select Your Preferred Plan
Source: Squarespace 

Step 8: Enter your payment credentials and click “Save and Continue”.

Click Save And Continue
Source: Squarespace 

Step 9: Review your final bill, where you need to add the coupon code you received from the Student Beans site. Click on “Confirm Payment” and congratulations! You have now successfully applied for a Squarespace student discount.

Do not worry if you are not eligible for the Squarespace student discount. I have enlisted other discounts that might be of interest to you.

Additional Squarespace Discount To Check Out

Squarespace offers several deals and discounts to help you create and manage your online presence. These deals can provide significant savings. 

Let‘s explore the currently active Squarespace deals, which include discounts and coupon codes.

1. Up To 36% Discount On Annual Payment

By choosing an annual payment plan, you can take advantage of a substantial discount on your Squarespace subscription.

PlanPay MonthlyPay AnnuallyDiscountSavings
Business $36/month$23/month36%$13/month
Commerce Basic$40/month$28/month30%$12/month
Commerce Advanced$72/month$52/month27%$20/month

Select the annual payment option when signing up for a Squarespace plan to enjoy a discounted monthly rate. This will result in a lower monthly cost compared to paying monthly, as outlined in the above table.

2. Save 20% Off On Any New Plan With Promo Code W5D20

In May 2024, Squarespace is offering a limited-time discount on a new website plan. Use the exclusive code W5D20 to enjoy 20% off your new website plan. 

Save 20% Off On Any New Plan
Source: Squarespace Coupons

This exclusive offer is only valid until May 31, 2024, so take advantage of this amazing deal quickly.

3. 10% Off On Any Plan With GIMME10 Code

Squarespace is currently offering a limited-time discount of 10% off any plan for new customers who sign up for a Squarespace account and make their first purchase.

To redeem this offer, use the promo code GIMME10 during checkout.

10% Off On Any Plan With GIMME10 Code
Source: Squarespace Coupons

This discount is available to all customers, regardless of their plan type, including Personal, Business, Commerce Basic, and Commerce Advanced. 

However, it is essential to note that this offer is limited to a one-time use per customer and can not be combined with any other promotions.

Squarespace Pricing Structure

Squarespace offers a straightforward pricing structure with four plans: Personal, Business, Commerce Basic, and Commerce Advanced.

Here’s a breakdown of the plans:

FeaturesPersonal BusinessCommerce BasicCommerce Advanced
Monthly Price$25/month$36/month$40/month$72/month
Annual Price$192/year$276/year$336/year$624/year
14-Day Trial✔️✔️✔️✔️
Squarespace Pricing Structure
Source: Squarespace

Let us now see these plans in a bit more detail.

  1. A Personal plan is the most budget-friendly option, starting at just $16/month when paid annually. This plan is specifically created for individuals and small businesses seeking a cost-effective solution. 
  2. A Business plan is for more advanced websites as it offers a range of premium features and capabilities. With it, you can invite unlimited collaborators to your site. The annual payment option starts at $23/month.
  3. The Commerce Basic plan provides essential features like inventory management, shipping integration, and more, all at just $28/month when paid annually.
  4. The Commerce Advanced plan is for large online businesses. It offers numerous features, including product reviews, gift cards, and more, making it an ideal choice for large online companies to improve customer engagement and drive sales.

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Conclusion: Get 50% Off With Squarespace Student Discount!

As Squarespace student discount offers 50% on annual payment of any plan, it is the best deal you can get. 

If you are not eligible for the student discount, Squarespace also has up to 36% off on a yearly subscription. Moreover, there are 20% off and 10% off deals with Coupon codes W5D20 and GIMME10, respectively.

However, if you are eligible, claim it by following the steps mentioned in this article.


Is Squarespace free to use for students?

Squarespace is not free to use for students. However, it does offer a special 50% discount for students and a 14-day free trial on all plans. 

Does Squarespace offer a Black Friday Discount?

Squarespace does not offer a Black Friday discount. Instead, you can benefit from the platform’s regular discounts, such as up to 36% savings on annual subscriptions and a 50% student discount.

Which is the cheapest way to get Squarespace?

The cheapest way to get Squarespace is through the personal plan, which costs $16/month on annual payments and $23/month on monthly payments.

Is Squarespace free?

Squarespace does not have a free plan. The only way to try this platform is through a 14-day free trial.

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