Squarespace Black Friday – Is It Available?

They are all lying about Squarespace Black Friday promo codes. 

Firstly, I would like to clarify that no Black Friday discount has been offered on Squarespace yet, and anybody who tells you otherwise is lying.

However, you can still save money on Squarespace and get a grand discount in November during Black Friday. How much and when? 

I will answer all of these questions truthfully here. Let’s go!

Does Squarespace Offers Black Friday Deal in 2023?

The Squarespace Black Friday sale did not happen in 2023, and the same was true for Squarespace Black Friday 2022.

However, Squarespace offers its users a discount every November. As mentioned earlier, a Squarespace Promo Code 2023 of 20% off was offered around Thanksgiving (likely to boost sales).

Squarespace Black Friday 2023
Source: Squarespace 

Though this sale is not called the “Squarespace Black Friday Discount” Or “Squarespace Cyber Monday Sale,” the offer period lasted for that duration. The offer was valid from November 23rd to November 30th, 2023.

Squarespace Promo Code Black Friday- Availability

Currently, no Black Friday Squarespace Discount is available on the Squarespace website. However, despite that, you can get 10% to 50% off on Squarespace.

Also, if you plan to buy a Squarespace membership specifically during Black Friday in November, I can assure you that a discount will be available then. It’s the holiday season, and many websites, including Squarespace, offer discounts during this time.

Does Squarespace Have A Black Friday Deal In 2024?

Since there has been no Squarespace Black Friday 2022 or Squarespace Black Friday 2023, the chance of a Black Friday deal in 2024 is slim.

Squarespace Help Center
Source: Squarespace 

However, slim chances mean a tiny hope exists for Squarespace Black Friday 2024. So, let us not fixate on the idea of no Black Friday at all just yet. Let’s wait till November to find out.

Squarespace Pricing

The image below shows Squarespace offers 4  different pricing options for four membership plans. Depending on your needs, you can choose a monthly or annual membership plan.

Squarespace Pricing
Source: Squarespace 

Let’s now understand how much you pay and save with the Novomber Squarespace promo code and what you get in each membership plan to determine the best option for you.

Squarespace Features PersonalBusinessCommerce (Basic)Commerce (Advance)
14 Day Free Trial
November 20% off Price$153.60$220.80$268$499.20
Annual Price$192$276$336$624
Monthly Price $25$36$40$72
Best forCustomization, best-in-class templatesGrow audience and take paymentsFew tools for growth All tools for growth
Transactional fee3% on sales3% on sales

If you are looking to get Squarespace for your organization, you can contact the Squarespace team for a customized plan and quote tailored to your needs. Check Squarespace Enterprises for more details.

Squarespace Deals and Discounts – Live In 2024

Squarespace website currently has 3 active deals. Find the details of each one and get as much as 50% off on Squarespace today.

1. 50% off Squarespace Promo Code 2024

This is a Squarespace student discount. New users who are students (with a valid ID and account on Student Beans) can get 50 % off the annual Personal, Business, and Commerce billing plans. 

50% off Squarespace Promo Code
Source: Squarespace 

However, Squarespace Domains, Mobile Start plans, monthly website plans, and reactivated sites are not eligible for the Squarespace student discount of  50% off.

2. Flat 20% OFF On Squarespace Website Plans

You can get 20% off on Squarespace right now using this link until 31st May 2024. The 20% discount applies to the first month of your annual or monthly membership.

20% OFF On Squarespace Website Plans
Source: Squarespace 

After a month, you will be charged your regular subscription fee. To avail of this deal, use code W5D20 at checkout to get a discount. 

Note: Since this deal was only available until 31 May, this code might not work after that date. However, you can find similar discounts on the page, as they often offer such discounts.

3. 10% Discount On Squarespace

If you are late for the 20% discount on Squarespace mentioned above, do not fret. You can still save money on Squarespace.

10% Discount On Squarespace
Source: Squarespace 

Simply enter the code “GIMME10” at checkout at the payment gateway. Please note that this offer is only for new users interested in buying a website or domain on any plan.

Note: You can stay updated with all the coupons offered on Squarespace by regularly checking the Squarespace coupons section or signing up for their emails.

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Summing It Up! Squarespace Black Friday Deal Might Be Offered For The First Time In 2024!

Although Squarespace’s Black Friday sale has not yet occurred, Squarespace typically offers discounts and deals on its website builder plans during the Black Friday season. 

The Squarespace Black Friday 2022 and 2023 deals involved a 20% discount for new members only. The same is expected from Squarespace in 2024 as well.

Since no official announcement has been made yet, we can still expect a Black Friday offer on Squarespace for the first time in 2024. Keep an eye out here. I will surely update you with any new information. 

That being said, a 50% student discount and a 20% off are currently active on the platform. Instead of waiting for the Squarespace Black Friday deal, which may or may not be offered, you can start your website today with these discounts. 


How do I get 50% off Squarespace?

You can get 50% off on Square using the Squarespace Student Discount.

How to use a promo code for Squarespace?

You can use a promo code for Squarespace at the payment gateway’s checkout to enjoy Squarespace for less.

How to stack discounts on Squarespace?

Squarespace does not allow stacking discount coupons. Although multiple discounts are available, each applies only to one payment transaction.

Does Squarespace offer discount shipping?

Squarespace does not offer discounts on shipping from their end. However, you can ask your third-party shipping company for discounts instead.

What is the cheapest way to get Squarespace?

The cheapest way to get Squarespace is to use your Squarespace student discount of 50% off or subscribe to their emails, which deliver special coupons to your inbox.

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